Lending Licenses

NaviRefi loans* are made by Earnest Operations LLC. Earnest Operations LLC currently holds lending licenses in the following states:

StateLicense NumberLicense Type
AlabamaMC 22523Consumer Credit LicenseView
ArizonaCL 0928802Consumer LenderView
California605 4788Finance LenderView
Colorado992644Supervised LenderView
ConnecticutSLC-1204917Small Loan Company License
Delaware026225Licensed Lender
District of ColumbiaML1204917Money Lender License
IdahoRRL-9469Regulated Lender License
Indiana26995Loan LicenseView
Iowa88883422Master Loan Company Registration
IowaNRR-2016-0100Non-Resident Regulated Loan LicenseView
KansasSL.0026653Supervised Loan LicenseView
KentuckyCL416906Consumer Loan Company License
Louisiana1204917-1185949Licensed Lender Main OfficeView
Maryland03-2260Installment Loan LicenseView
Maryland02-1468Consumer Loan LicenseView
MichiganRL 0020328Regulated Loan LicenseView
MinnesotaMN-RL-1204917Regulated Loan Company LicenseView
Mississippi1204917Small Loan License
Missouri367-18-7727Consumer Credit Loan Company
Montana1204917Consumer Loan License
North DakotaMB103251Money Broker License
OklahomaSL008410Supervised Lender LicenseView
Oregon0447-001-CConsumer Finance LicenseView
Pennsylvania45960Consumer Discount CompanyView
Rhode Island2018368LLLender License
South CarolinaCGL-152677Consumer Credit Grantor NotificationView
South DakotaMYL.3220Money Lender LicenseView
Tennessee171745Industrial Loan & Thrift CompanyView
UtahN/AConsumer Credit NotificationView
Vermont6928Lender LicenseView
WashingtonCL-1204917Consumer Loan Company LicenseView
WyomingSL-3764Supervised Lender LicenseView

Navient Solutions, LLC, as a service provider on behalf of Earnest Operations LLC for NaviRefi loans*, currently holds licenses in the following states:

StateLicense NumberLicense Type
California60DBO-107005Finance Lender (Broker)View
Maine212430Loan Broker License
North DakotaMB103173Money Broker License


* NaviRefi loans are not currently offered in Nevada or the U.S. territories.