About Us

NaviRefi loans

NaviRefi loans offer the opportunity to refinance your student loans at competitive rates based on an applicant’s credit and financial profile. NaviRefi loans are offered by Earnest Operations LLC ("Earnest") and serviced by Navient Solutions, LLC ("Navient").

Founded in 2013, Earnest is a leading financial technology and education finance company who serves financially responsible, digitally native consumers. In 2017, Earnest joined the Navient family of companies.

NaviRefi.com is the new website where customers can apply to simplify their student loans by refinancing them at a lower interest rate. NaviRefi.com is also where NaviRefi loan customers log in to manage their student loan accounts after the refinancing process is complete.

About Navient

Navient and its affiliates have been leading the student loan industry for more than 40 years, and relaunched under the Navient brand in 2014. We are one of the largest servicers and holders of federal and private student loans in the United States.

NaviRefi loans are designed to help our customers experience the rewards of their achievements along the path to successful loan payoff. We also wanted to ensure that hard-working adults can achieve their financial aspirations.

That’s why we offer our customers the credit they deserve – through a quick, easy, online experience supported by best-in-class servicing.

As the team with more than 4 decades of specializing in the ever-changing student loan industry, we are happy to offer NaviRefi loans, a refinanced student loan that helps people who have financial promise be even more successful.

Learn more about Navient, its parent company Navient Corporation, and its affiliates on Navient.com