Student Loan Refinancing Success Stories

Hear from our customers and their positive experiences refinancing with a NaviRefi loan. Join the conversation and share your success!

We asked. You answered.

Why did you choose a NaviRefi Loan?

"The loan process was easy and quick. By refinancing I will end up saving a lot of money."

—Regina, South Carolina

"Great opportunity to continue working with Navient and save on monthly payments."

—Jennifer, New Hampshire

"I have recommended NaviRefi several times already to friends and family. It was super easy to get the loan I needed for the term and monthly payment I needed. And the discount for automatic draft is a great benefit. So far I have no complaints with the loan I received and I hope more people utilize your services."

—Kelly, South Carolina

"It was so easy! And I lowered my interest rate by more than half!"

—James, New York

What tips would you offer someone who is starting to think about refinancing?

"It was much easier than I anticipated. My advice would be to just get it started."

—Nicole, Michigan

"Easier that I thought it would be. I was worried about the repayment of my original loans, but that was quick and easy and I was kept updated throughout."

—Marcelo, New Jersey

"It was easier than I expected. The representatives were helpful and friendly through the process. And the refinance rate was better than I had before. [Navient] is much easier to work with than my other loan company."

—Bob, Colorado

"Very easy, I couldn't be happier."

—Anthony, New York

What goals were you looking to achieve by refinancing? Did you achieve your goal?

"Getting a lower rate was primary reason, I was also looking at consolidating loans so I have a single payment to keep track of."

—Nikolay, Oregon

"Yes, my interest rate is lower, and by paying just a little bit more each month I have knocked off 7 years of debt."

—Amanda, New York

"I did want to lower my rate as well as cut down the time in repayment. I did achieve my goal."

—Kristen, New Jersey

"Yes, I was interested in getting a lower interest rate for quite some time. I had been told that since the loans were consolidated, that wasn't possible ... obviously I was happily surprised when the offer was made."

—Denise, New York

What do you plan to do with the money you’re saving on your monthly payments?

“Invest in a business.”

—Clay, Virginia

"Apply it to my monthly payment to pay off the loan even faster."

—J.L., Tennessee

"Many more vacations!"

—Laura, Illinois

"Save for a house."

—Bryce, Minnesota

"I bought a new car – the money I'm saving each month on my loans is going towards my new car payment."

—Stephanie, Ohio